by Urrusti

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Recorded, mixed and produced by Juanra Urrusti at his home studio in Mexico City. Listen to the EP that started it all.

All instruments and vocals by Juanra Urrusti.
Cover art: Rodrigo Jardón.


released March 22, 2010

All instruments and vocals by Juanra Urrusti.



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Urrusti Mexico

Urrusti es una banda mexicana de rock/folk en inglés con tintes de rock progresivo de los años setenta, profundidad melódica que remite a los años ochenta, y con una saturación rítmica y armónica propias de nuestra década.

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Track Name: Silence

“Seems as though the years have come
When you and I like brick and stone
Made up the words for silence…

And conversations kept roaming around,
Our quest for treasures remained unfound
In the land of silence…

On and on, the break of dawn
Is our new song.
Here, take my hand
Before it hits the ground…
Oh, darling, you are my sound!

Long ago they said to me:-
‘You know, there’s a cost for living free’.
But I don’t have a wallet,
‘Cause life depends on water!

On and on, the break of dawn
Is our new song.
Here, take my hand
Before it hits the ground…
Oh, darling…

We cannot bring back the days of laughter,
The goal we’re after,
‘Cause I know that I
Will live a life that’s free of strife
From pain and sorrow,
Today and tomorrow,
‘Cause love is my device…

And it doesn’t matter if I leave this Earth,
And no one remembers my date of birth,
I’ll always be beside her
In the land of silence…

J.Urrusti (2003)
- Beliefs EP (2010)
- track: 1
Track Name: Snow

I’ll just have a cigarette
I’ll smoke it till the room becomes an ocean
Of regrets.

I’ll just drink another cup.
I’ll relax and touch and drink it till it drops
From my hands.

I have seen this Sun before
Like the wine that’s spilled all over the floor,
Like your fading picture mounted on the wall,
Like my footprints as they wither in the snow.

The drowsiness is back!
The clouds as paintings of Georges Braque!
Lord, it’s getting to me!
Lord, it’s getting to me!
Naranana. Naranana… I’m dreaming too…

And if I ever wake up girl, I’ll blame it on you.

I just try to settle down,
Perhaps I’ll read the news? No, they’ll let me down...
‘Cause the world outside to me is so fucking brown.

And the apartment is so alone,
I try to keep myself busy all the time…
I think I’ll pour myself another glass of wine.

Oh, now I think it’s time to go.
The window of my room feels cold.
I see people hopping on the bus.
Outside the snow came to a pause…

Lord, I can’t tell what I feel!
No, I can’t explain how I feel
When I’m inside my room
Like the ghost of an undiscovered tomb!

Maybe at this moment she’s with someone who is alright…
…A guy that’ll take her out for a ride…
…To the movies or a good stroll in the night…
…And it just keeps snowing and everything is white.
Track Name: Thanks to You

Since you departed,
I’ve been lost.
So broken hearted I
Feel like a ghost, my love.

Sitting on an easy chair…
Breakfast scattered all around me…

Since your departure,
I’ve been lost.
Humiliation has covered my
Mind in rust.

Sitting on an easy chair…
Breakfast scattered all around me…
Gotta lock up the doors and
Throw out the key, I
Just want to remain inside!
Not a friend nor a foe can
Harm me now, thanks to you!

You…. Thanks to you!
Track Name: Beliefs

Time flows slowly
Like marmalade.
I know I am stuck inside me,
There’s no escape at all.

I know I am empty,
Like a mistake I repeat
So inconclusively…

I feel so sad, I
Feel so sad I
Feel so sad tonight.

I gave up everything I had
For a dream I couldn’t keep.
I’ve been living with a lie
So hard that tears can’t cry,
Like a grudge you keep inside,
Till you think that you don’t care at all!

Is it my fantasy
I’m struggling to keep?
Or is it my commitment
For all those who believe in me?

But why do
I sigh tonight?
Oh, Lord! I feel sad and weak…

So pathetic I can’t weep,
So blind and dumb to see
There’s o strength left in me,
Like a dream I couldn’t keep,
Today I’m broken, I’m broken, I’m broken,
I’ve been living with a lie
So hard that tear’s can’t cry,
Today I’m broken, I’m broken, I’m broken,
Left to die on my beliefs!
Die on my beliefs,

I feel so sad, I
Feel so sad I
Feel so sad tonight…
Track Name: Vergil

Lock me inside
Your underpants.
Let me be your guide
To the afterlife.

Just like Virgil did
When he took us by the hand,
Trust me, I'm your man.
Trust me I'm your man.

Let me lick your virginity,
Let me drain your health.
And with each pounding sigh
Let me rip your skin
And become a part of you!

Oh baby, let me be your guiding light…
Your guiding light…

We killed our names.
We hid in the shadows
Under sheets and blankets.
I'll always feel the same
Savoring our encounters
In the same epical way.
Track Name: Blackberry Way (Roy Wood cover, 2009)
Composed by: Roy Wood (1968).
Track Name: A Brother (demo version, 2008)
A Brother

You can change the world around.
You and I forever bound.
You, my shining star…
You can always drive my car.

You, perfected through the years…
You can wash away those tears
Cause I’ll be on your side.
You, my brother are my pride.

I can always be your man.
When times are harsh you’ll have a hand.
You can call me “Superman”,
You older brother knows who you are.

Yes, it’s true that things have changed.
The truths you knew are flickering
But only one remains:
You are the one, the one that leads your way.
Track Name: Willow (based on Ana F. Urrusti's poem "Sauce", 2007)

I left my memories by a willow
And I sat down
To see why the branches had left me.

I gave my grievances to the waters
The shallow, washing waters
As I once did, time ago.

Willow, willow, willow
Willow, Tell me if I must go on.
Willow, release me, willow
Willow, Your leaves are falling down
On the ground.

I felt what once was aching in my heart
And once again
I stood up, to return to my old ways.

I knew that the answers I was seeking
Were made by one who was king
By the shadows of the tree that now cries.

Willow, willow, willow
Willow, there be calm after the storm.
Willow, release me, willow
Willow, here comes the light of the sun.

Willow, willow, willow,
Willow, my leaves are falling down.
Willow, release me, willow,
Willow, A new day comes and life has begun.